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Saturday, 01 July 2006


Well. I love it! Especially since it's rare that I get to catch him and when I *do*, it seems to be a normal forecast: none of the gems you've got above! So I'll have to check here now. :)

I did hear Dan on the 12:30am Radio 4 broadcast a couple of nights ago and was surprised because that was a first for me. :)

Well done!

He was scheduled to do the overnight/early morning slot on BBCi / BBC World and Radios 2 & 4, I'm sure it was last Friday - because I went out and didn't manage to catch any of his forecasts :-(

the man is a genius. He even beats Ron "Ronstradamus" Bendell, the legendary Westcountry TV weatherman

Midlands Today forecast 07.55ish 25/1/07
(warm air coming down) 'think of it like a big warm duvet...'

Yes, he did my regional weather too, but there were no Dan-isms. Next time he's on this overnight shift I'll have a go at taping a few of the regional channels.

Dan is the most entertaining and enthusiastic weatherman since Ian McCaskill. He's a suitable ambassador to the great British obsession with the weather. There should at least be Dan-branded brollies!

Obviously, I agree with you there!
Although I'm not too sure about Dan brollies, one of my all-time favourite comments about Dan involved umbrellas;

'a Google search for the "Daniel Corbett Umbrella Company" has sadly drawn a blank.'

I love your obsession! Heard this website name checked on Resonance FM (London arts station) and surfed straight over. Oh the joy in small things. I'll admit, i've not paid special attention to ol' Dan before, but some of the comments remind me that i've deffo heard him and his Dan-isms in the past. Will listen out safe in the knowlege he has a fan-base now!

Keep an eye out for him (he's on later today) - it's rare to catch forecast without a Dan-ism or two slipped in somewhere.

My flatmate highlighted Daniel Corbett's genius, which had previously gone unnoticed by me. I suggested he start a Dan Corbett fanclub, but by the looks of it he already has one! I'd totally buy a Dan Corbett umbrella.

Perhaps you should petition CafePress to start doing umbrellas ;-)

I first came across this delightful chap on Radio 4 a few years ago and was immediately hooked. What tickled me wasn't just the good-naturedness you could hear in his voice, or the way he presented the weather like it was a short amusing (and rather British) story, but the speed at which he had to deliver his forecasts in order to fit in all the lovely extra bits which have become his trademark. For those of you who have never heard Dan on the radio, trust me when I say he speaks at about half that speed when on the telly. When he's on, I'm sorry, but everything else I'm doing has to stop until he's done. The man's a genius.

What a fantastic tribute to our favourite weather-person; it certainly struck a chord.

So, not only can you her the Nation's collective cry of 'IT'S DAN!' when he's on, but it seems that, for the duration of his broadcast, the country grinds to a halt.

Anyway, Ashley, it's nothing you should apologise for, it's a natural reaction; awe and wonder.

Daniel makes me smile. After a bad day at work I get home, watch the news and wait for Dan the man, as I call him. He makes the weather so interesting... he said tonight 'the cloud is coming over like a white sheet being pulled over a bed'. I am a real fan of Dan the man. xx

Some good Dan-isms tonight (which I'll blog later) and I loved the 'sheet' one too!

Dan 'The Man' indeed!

Oh golly, I'm so pleased I found this site. I'm a relatively new fan of Dan's, but ever since I first saw one of his forecasts a few months ago he's been my favourite presenter by miles.

Over lunch with my parents in law the other day, the topic of weather forecasts came up and they started by saying "One forecaster we cannot bear...", and I knew what was coming. Well, I argued as forcefully as was polite to do so, but they remain unconvinced. There really is no accounting for taste.

This site has reaffirmed my belief that DC really is King of the Weather Hill. Bless you.

Aaw, what a lovely comment - thank you.

What is there not to like about Dan? I have previously noticed he does tend to have a rather Marmite-like effect on people. There's no, 'he's OK, I suppose' with him; you either love him or... have no sense.

I like him because he doesn't have to put on a stylised *wackiness* like so many tv faces. He appears to be a genuinely odd character and that is refreshing in an age of anodyne blandness. I love it when he pops up on Radio 4 just before the Book of the Week at 0028. His intonations are peerless.

In fact, just generally peerless.

Dan Corbett is the funniest weatherman you will find on BBC TV he's a good forecaster but funny when you watch him

The best on ANY channel, I think you'll find.

Gosh I'm glad I found this blog!
I'm a big fan - but was only prompted to look for a fan site after tonight's 'like a car revving in neutral' weather report on the beeb.
I was so pleased to have caught one of his reports!

I remember the first time I saw him on the TV I went straight to the Beeb's weather forums to find out who this guy was as I'd missed the credit. Makes me smile every time. :D

Tonight's News at Ten forecast was a gem. As I said on today's post, his national forecasts are usually much more toned down than the ones on The Channel Formerly Known As BBC News 24.

Hi Kirsty
Dan gave a Countryfile-esque week ahead forecast on the Politics Show yesterday, still available at
at 57 minutes in. Contains a classic `Notice this chappie off to the west, he's threatening to come in on the game .. and he will' Great dramatic pause!

Thanks for that, Ian! I've updated yesterday's blog post.

I discovered him yesterday, and he's literally lighted my life up. He's the best weatherman ever!
His beautiful metaphors and vocabulary just make the weather worth watching. Thankyou Dan.

I think Dan is amazing. I have recently started showing youtube clips of Dan when I am running Customer Service courses as a good example of excellent body language. He always makes me smile. I think he is wonderful. I wasn't ever interested in the weather unitl I saw Dan presenting and now I can't wait to see what he is going to say each night. He is a pleasure to watch.

Wow! Further proof that Dan is pure edutainment.

I'd be interested to hear more about what it is that makes for excellent body language - and which clips you've used during your courses. Intriguing!


Dan's body language is excellent, he is very inviting with the way he stands and opens his arms, he has great presence that draws you in, he smiles and it's as if he is making eye contact even though he can't see us. He is very warm! I use the clip Aahh lovely because it just makes me smile. He is an excellent example of good customer service and is a pleasure to watch.

Ooh, I love that clip too, partly because the 'ah, lovely' bit is so unexpected.

Thanks for sharing your insights into Dan's body language. Lessons there for us all, I think. And wouldn't the world be a better place for it?
It's good to know he has expert approval ;-)

Dan can do no wrong in my eyes, he is a star and it's great to find other people that think the same x

How amazing to find this blog, we've been tickled pink with Dan 'The MIGHTY' Corbett for ages. You are all right, he does cheer you up even if the weather is rubbish. We wait with great anticipation for his Countryfile forecasts. Cheers.

You're very welcome.
I wouldn't hold your breath for a Countryfile appearance today, though. He's probably at home cooking one of his irresistible Sunday lunches.

It's so cool that there are so many folks out there who appreciate Daniel Corbett as much as I do. I love his treacley talk and whooshing hands.
What a great guy he is and long may he dance in front of the map!

Couldn't have said it any better myself. Here's to Dan [raises glass]. Cheers!

I first became aware of Dan's work during an overseas tour of Cyprus. His storms bubbling up comments where highly amusing. He even made the levanter cloud interesting a true showman!

Thanks for the site.

DC is the greatest ever weatherman.

Brr chilly. Jumpers needed.



I can't believe what I've just discovered: that me and my husband are part of a vast throng of Danny-boy fans! See, we're a bit new to this fan-blog jiggery-pokery, so feel a bit abashed that we've been so slow. I only found this site as I wanted to track down Dan's accent. We've always found his choreography amusing as well as graceful and wait for his recommendations about clothing, seeing if we can catch one forecast when he omits them.
I too have an in-law who can't bear him, but our tastes have always differed. To have access to the archive is a real treat-thank you and we look forward to spotting lots of other delightful quirks which others have pointed out.

Glad you're enjoying the blog. It's hardly a vast throng we have here, but welcome to the throng nonetheless.

I live in the US now, and I miss Daniel so much that I decided to google him - and here we are: I'm not the only one who noticed his brilliance. He's always so precise yet descriptive...and such a calming voice... Honestly, there's just nothing like him. Everytime he gives a clothing recommendation I think of Jeremy Paxman when he used to have to give a quick weather report at the end of some other programme. He would yell with disdain. "its going to rain. What do you expect, its April." He should take some tips from Daniel.

Glad to see Dan's magic is so strong it still pulls you from over the Atlantic.

This is an amazing site. It's clearly a labour of love - you've really done Mr Corbett proud. He is a treasure, as you know, and this excellent blog is a very fitting tribute. Warm, witty and life-enhancing... just like the man himself. Keep up the good work [cap-doffing gesture].

Thank you so much for the kind words. I keep the blog primarily for my own amusement, but it's good to know others appreciate Dan's genius too.

We first spotted him very recently, we were all mesmerised by his "WOOSH"es and the like. we instantly looked him up, he is wonderful. I'm glad I'm not alone in being a fan, i shall be adding this site to my blog reader :)

It's interesting to hear how Dan appeals to viewers in different ways. For me it's the similes and the gestures (I do have my particular favourites); for others it's the sound-effects - a friend of mine on Twitter is fond of 'VHUM!'.

Thanks for subscribing!

Brilliant. Been a fan for a while and after his analogy of "cold air moving south like a layer of blue treacle" today I was impulsed to google the phrase, and found this wonderful site!

Love it that you got here by googling a Dan-ism.
Thanks for the kind words about the blog.

It seems we haven't seen you for ages, Dan. We look for you on BBC1 Breakfast and on the 6 o'clock News, but you seem you have disappeared. Think you're the best forecaster ever. You have a terrific personality. Missing you.

Hi Yvonne. Dan hasn't disappeared, he's busy being awesome on BBC World (hope those lucky international viewers appreciate him!), 5Live and 6 Music. Check the main page of this blog for updates and links to his appearances on the iPlayer.

Hi everyone. We were getting anxious about Dan's whereabouts
as we had not heard him on radio or telly. We watched dreary
weather forecasts, which just plod through what we can see for
ourselves anyway, and at the end say "Where is Dan?"

So we googled his name and found out he is is in NZ. What a
relief to see him looking so well, and still working in his own
wonderful, unique style. Now, we can watch him from time to time
and delight in the well loved Danisms.

This is the first time we have blogged or done anything so modern - so thank you for this site.
Jeanne & Les.

Glad to be of service - and congratulations on your first blog comment!

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