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Sunday, 12 August 2012


HA HA! I didn't even watch the closing. I know, I suck. But #NBCfail had just made the last few days of the Olympics unbearable.

Now I am angry I missed the Morris Dancing. I will catch on one of the various vid sites. Looking forward to it!!

Really, don't bother watching it. It was all I feared the opening ceremony would be. The press are all over how amazing it was. Really? Do you have eyes and ears? Terrible.

Best quote about the closing ceremony:
"This is like Danny Boyle jumped off a Bedford Falls bridge and Clarence the Angel is showing him what life would be like without him."

Yep, two weeks of sporting excellence organised in true British fashion. Good to see we can still show the world a thing or two. I'm counting myself in as an estranged Pom here. Seriously good to see the UK return to a decent place on the medals table. Much lamenting hereabouts because the Aussies put in a relatively poor performance. Not sorry I missed the Morris dancing though. I have bad memories of doing it at school...

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