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Sunday, 04 October 2009


OMG! Burying the mother? What could they have been thinking? That seems such a weird starting place.

Thanks for the review, K. Saves me a lot of time. Emma is not my favourite to begin with anyway.

Yeah, one second Mrs. Woodhouse is smiling down at baby Emma in a pram, the next second she's in the coffin with the lid being placed on top.
That was in the first few minutes of it starting. Cheerful.

Somebody at work (who enjoys a good period drama as much as I do) said 'ooh, did you see Emma? it was good wasn't it?!' - turns out she hasn't read the book. Good job I figured that out before I blurted out the ending (although she has already figured it out for herself). She asked me who Mr Knightley was and why he spent so much time over at Hartfield.

I wrote notes as I watched, with the intention of blogging it, but I couldn't muster enough enthusiasm to wrestle them into a coherent blog post, the programme wasn't worth it.

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