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Sunday, 30 October 2005


Oh Kirsty, your photos are just gorgeous!!! Stunning!!! I would love to go - it looks amazing!! Thanks for the tips!!!

Sounds like a fantastic trip, I am not quite sure how I managed to miss Skogafoss but when you get off to a late start things do get dropped... (in-laws lost room key and accused our then 2 year old, who wasn't actually responsible, I digress...)

Anyway, the pictures were great. The only whale I saw was in the form of sashimi, so watching them mobile might be a good thing to try next time. (Greenpeace repossessed my card when I got home.)

Fantastic photos. What spectacular scenery. Thanks for sharing your trip. Iceland looks like a must-see vacation destination.

took me ages to read all this and view the pics but well worth it - esp love the waterfall pics well done!

A very comprehensive coverage. I'm guessing by the name of that shop that Reykjavic is 11 degrees north of Newcastle. By my reckoning that makes it F***ng cold!

btw, damned good photos for a girl. One or two look "exhibition quality", I'm very impressed.

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