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Friday, 13 November 2009


There's not one forecaster out of the whole BBC national forecasting team I don't like, but I had to laugh at that Daily Mail comment, particularly the bit about Sarah Wilmshurst 'inclining her head in sorrow...'.
The person who wrote those comments sounds like a bit of a snob, who deep down probably doesn't like any of them but will continue to watch and complain.

Not every Dan-link I come across makes it into the finished blog post. That Daily Fail link was one that almost got the chop, saved only by its own unbelievable ridiculousness.

What annoys me about that article is that you can understand why someone might be *irritated* by certain presenters, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be condemned as someone who has wrecked Britain.

Hitler; yes (for Coventry alone).
Helen Willets, Dan, or any of The Others; no.

I have just looked at your Archive section for the past few (2006-2008) Novembers, and notice that Dan seems to have about 2 weeks off each November. Hope he has gone somewhere with better weather.

Yes, this weekend's weather has been pretty rough.
No trees down at TTWFN Towers, unfortunately. They're still blocking our Sky signal :-(
The engineer came on Friday but Sky sent the wrong sort of engineer (rolls eyes) so we have to wait 10 days for someone from their Special Heights Investigation Team (great acronym), to come.
Dan can stay off-screen for a while longer yet ;-)

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